Smart Hotel and Yachting Solutions KNX

Our company is engaged in electrical studies and installations and has been certified as a ΚΝΧ Partner since 2001.

It can undertake and handle the most simple electrical studies and facilities such as residential and shop renovations, up to the most complex installations using advanced automation systems such as Bus systems (KNX, BMS, etc.) and always with the latest security regulations.

In addition to facilities in private homes, shops, buildings, etc., in recent years we have been focusing on Hotel Solutions, as well as on Yachting (KNX).

As far as the Yachting Electrical Engineering sector is concerned, we have the know-how and experience to complete from the initial to the final stage the electrical installation of a recreational craft of any size, which includes its study and application so that we always have the perfect result. We also have the option of replacing old-fashioned Bus systems (AMX, Lutron, etc.), for lighting control, blinds or Rolltops, HVAC, Multimedia with the new and internationally recognized KNX system. With the electrical conversion of the vessel to KNX, there will be full control with the powerful KNX Server of Smart Home Solutions KNX, Lighting, Roll Top, HVAC, and Multimedia, from Smartphone or Tablet, as well as Monitors Touch, which will be permanently installed at selected points of the Boat.

The electrical installation of a Yacht requires careful study and the appropriate materials during installation, which must comply with all the necessary safety regulations, in accordance with ABYC Standards.

Our company consists of specialized and trained electricians who can cope with any electrical installation in a short period of time and provide our services at any time and if needed.

Our electrical equipment can cover all kinds of electrical works, always having a perfect installation result without problems. We will be glad to discuss with you more details about our services, and we hope for a good cooperation with you.