Safety, Performance, and Comfort with KNX.

A system that retains its value. KNX is the only system that complies with the requirements of the European Union (EN50090) and the International Standards ISO / IEC 14543) for Home Automation. This compliance confirms the quality and value of KNX technology. It serves as a quality sample for building builders. The KNX is an open, scalable and therefore user-friendly system. It is already prepared for New Generation products. Smart Home Solutions has been officially certified as a KNX Partner and is constantly monitoring developments in KNX Building Automation

An Open System

KNX gives you free choice of products. More than 295 manufacturers offer a variety of certified and compatible-KNX products according to the latest technical standards giving you full freedom of choice.

Build today for your tomorrow’s demands

Stay independent even of age. Even if you are old and have mobility problems, even helpless, you can continue to stay independent in your home with the KNX. KNX will make your wishes come true. It is the “old-age” insurance for a safe and barrier-free living. If necessary, you can always easily expand the system – for example, add an emergency call or an option for home monitoring.

Customized Solutions for Smart Home Applications

KNX is the only global, open and thought-out model for Home and Building Automation. It is the logical integration of the EIB (since 1987). For communication, 230V (Powerline) or low voltage bus, radio, or IP wiring is used. KNX has many applications and controls lighting, heating, shutters, ventilation, and even multimedia and security technologies. This creates an efficient system that can fulfill any individual need. Thanks to its networking capability, anyone can perform functions for which previously it should have the technical expertise to try hard enough. Through the bus lines, sensors, such as motion detectors and thermostats, instruct actuators to control what they are doing. For example, lighting, heating or air conditioning at home. System operation can also be performed conventionally via push buttons or touch screens and controls. Remote control via the Internet and handheld over the phone is still possible with KNX.

The KNX is versatile.

An alternative way of wire-line (2-line) for transmitting bus data is radio signals over the network or via the Internet (IP). Radio signals are the ideal solution for renovations in existing buildings. The electrical installer ensures interconnection and scheduling according to the needs of the customer. The system can easily and at any time adapt to new needs or expand with additional functions. This ensures a great deal of flexibility.