Architectural Lighting Installations

Design &  Installation of Architectural Lighting.

Electrical Panels

The assembly of the Electrical Panels is made with N.Y.A.F cables, silicone and nozzles, resulting in perfect finishing and greater partial safety. Study and Installation of KNX Devices in tables according to the building’s requirements. We undertake the installation of Network Racks and Parameterization of Networks according to the customer’s requirements.

ΚΝΧ switches, Door intercommunication systems, ΚΝΧ  thermostats, Alarms, ΚΝΧ Touch Screen Panels

KNX and Conventional Switches Installations, IP Door Phones, KNX Thermostats and Monitors, Alarms, Cameras e.t.c.

Outdoor Lighting Architecture

External Electrical Installations Based on Specialized Lighting Architecture.

The internal electrical installation at the initial stage

Cutting the wall bricks is done using a special cutter tool according to the number of pipes we use. Also the heights for the switches are obtained with a special spirit-level laser tool.