Keyonic by JOYFOUNDRY and Smart Home Solutions !


Greek company, Joy Foundry, having a course of years in software development, has created a new platform, thus becoming a dynamic part of Building Automations, creating a pioneering application for Greek applications under the name Keyonic!

There are a lot of software and devices in the market for intelligent management and monitoring of smart buildings without being the most economical and especially as solutions for managing and monitoring multiple buildings with just one application like Keyonic!

A single building monitoring and management platform that integrates multiple technologies (such as KNX, Sonoff, etc.) into a single application (Android or iOS) and geo-referenced by building site.

With Keyonic, you can manage your home, hotel, business buildings (Branch Chains), etc. using either the powerful KNX Server, JF Box, as well as enabling you to control through the Cloud KNX all Smart Buildings or Smart homes you have only with an application without any additional installation costs per building.

With Keyonic, you can control with just one application the On / Off, Dimming, Rolls, Blinds, HVAC, create Lighting and Cooling / Heating scenarios, etc.With Keyonic, you’ll be able to control your Smart Home from anywhere by taking real time alarms on your mobile, as well as controlling it with a voice command along with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.