Comfortclick: KNX Servers

Jigsaw KNX: The smallest but still extremely sharp member of ComfortClick Controller family. Jigsaw KNX is the best solution for apartments and small to average residential houses.

Grinder KNX: Grinder will smarten up your home or office and ensure comfort, security and energy savings. It’s the ideal fit for larger residential houses or small offices.

Sledgehammer: The biggest of them all! Powerful, agile and smart, but still easy to handle. Sledgehammer is perfect for BIG projects – apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc. A perfect Hardware for Hotel Solution KNX.

CD Innovation KNX Server

The ‘Smart’ solution all in one! KNX Server and Gateway together!




Dimensions: H × W × D 91 × 72 × 62 mm Din Rail mount
System: CPU-Quad Core 1,5GHz



I/O 10/100Base-T Ethernet 4XUSB, HDMI
Power AC/DC Adapter 90-240VAC,Output5VDC, 2A
Model MTS4-4


  • Customizable GUI
  • Client App
  • Sonos to KNX Gateway
  • Voice control
  • Standard protocols
  • Proprietary protocols
  • ASCII KNX gateway
  • KNXnet/IP
  • IoT protocols
  • Graphs
  • Scheduling
  • Macros/Scenes
  • IP SIP video intercom
  • IP Video
  • Logic controller
  • Script language
  • Email
  • Widgets
  • Web Server
  • Cloud Management
  • Maximum security