Renovation of an apartment in Ano Glyfada by Smart Home Solutions KNX.

Electrical Work and Conversion of Apartment in Ano Glyfada to Smart Home KNX. Also, the first installation by Smart Home Solutions KNX of Lunos’s non-central KNX Ventilation / Heating System will be carried out, which can filter the outside air and pass through Lunos’s special ducts to heat it, thus saving energy and at the same time-saving.

Electrical Design and Installation of KNX System in a new residence.

Study Installation and Programming of KNX Materials by Smart Home Solutions, in a new home.


Smart Home Solutions manufactures Luxurious Apartments in the Southern Suburbs.


Smart Home Solutions manufactures Luxurious Apartments.


KNX Dental Clinic by Smart Home Solutions!

Construction of a professional space in the area of Glyfada. Lighting and VRV control will be performed via the KNX system, from Smartphone, tablet, or P.C., either locally or remotely. We have also been studying installation of Multimedia devices that will also be managed by Smart Mobile Devices!