Private Residence in Mykonos Island

KNX Electrical Installation was performed for the Management of Lighting, Roll Top and Cooling Heating using KNX system, as well as remote control can be performed via internet from an application running on Smartphones or Tablets iOS and Android.

KNX Apartment in Kallithea by Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home Solutions KNX has installed and programmed KNX equipment for lighting control, lighting scenarios, solar water heater control and remote management via Smartphone with the help of the Greek KNX Software Keyonic by JOYFOUNDRY company.

The compartment can now be manipulated from anywhere and if the user is on the Smartphone iOS or Android without restriction.

Electrical Installation of Architectural Lighting in a Private Residence in Mykonos.

Smart Home Solutions KNX carried out the Electrical Installation, based on Architectural Lighting, in a Private Residence in Mykonos.


Electrical Installation and KNX Automation in a Private Residence in Mykonos by Smart Home Solutions KNX.

Smart Home Solutions KNX performs a KNX Electrical Installation to control a private residence in Mykonos. The electrical installation is based on the designs of the electromechanical study and the architectural lighting study of the building.


Private house at Saronida, Attica

Programming and Visualization of the KNX / Instabus System.

Private Residence in P. Penteli, Athens

KNX System Visualization, Network Installation, Sound Installation, IP Video Entry, Media & Music Center. Remote System Control (via the Internet) of Lights, Rolls, Curtains, Cooling-Heating Systems (HVAC) from Smart Phone, Tablet, P.C. using the iSimplex KNX Web Server. Creating Lighting Scripts, depending on requirements, for Interior and external spaces.

Private house in Ekali, Athens

E / M Design, Installation and Programming of the KNX Bus System. Remote KNX System Access  Control by Tablet, Mobile and P.C.

Private Residence in the South Suburbs.

Design, Programming and Visualization of the KNX System for Lighting and Shutters /rollers  Management, from Smartphone and Tablet (Android & iOS).

Private House in Mykonos island

E / M Study and Installation of Architectural Lighting in a Private Residence in Mykonos island


Private House in Vari, Attica.

Design and Programming of KNX devices for the management of home lighting and rolls, with the aim of saving energy and remote control of the house from anywhere via Tablet, Smart Phone and P.C.