Airbnb Services

Smart Home Solutions KNX listens to the real estate market and with the constantly increasing demand for homes and apartments through Airbnb rentals, it can turn your home or apartment for temporary rental into Smart Home quickly and without any other constructions.

Surveys have shown that 60% of respondents would pay more for a house with smart features and that 82% of visitors would be more likely to complete their bookings for an apartment via Airbnb when smart home technology is reported as available.

Turning your apartment into Smart Home can be controlled remotely from your mobile via the Internet, controlling Lighting, Airconditioning, Room Thermostats, knowing each time your customer leaves if something is left open, saving you time and money!

You can also control the period when your client will be able to use your apartment by setting you the start and end time of rental and giving access to your space whenever you want.