24 Channel Multi-Function Actuator KNX- LC-A2410

  • 24-channel multi-function KNX Actuator
  • outputs up to 10A
  • 35 mm DIN rail
  • wide enough for 11 modules.

Data Sheet
The New LC-A2410 is a Multifunction 24-channels actuator, Programmable with ETS to perform different tasks like switching loads, open and close shutters and blinds.
Each output uses bit able relays with 10A maximal load. Block terminals are very wide to insert wires with a section up to 3 mm2.
The relays can be operated manually via a push button mounted on the front of the device, a green LED indicates the switching status of each channel.
The power supply is provided from KNX bus through new transceiver TPUART2 that provides better performance in terms of switching speed.
The protection class of the package is IP20 and it is designed for installation on DIN 35mm.