2 Fold Push Button KNX – LC-PBP2468-2

  • 8-Fold KNX Push Button
  • Configurable LED Indicator for Each Button
  • Commission and Project Design with ETS4/ETS5
  • Switching and Dimming Function
  • Scene Recall and Storage Function
  • Roller Blinds and Shutter Function
  • Push Buttons can be adjusted for
  • 1 or 2 button operation

Data Sheet
The 4-Fold KNX Push Button releases KNX telegrams after pushing the buttons, 1 or 2 Button operation can be parameterized. The device provides extensive functions that are freely configurable with ETS4 software to any push buttons. The push button contains 2 buttons, which can be parameterized individually. The bus can be connected at the back of the push buttons. Linked working mode (2 button operation, left and right) or independent working mode (1 button operation, left or right) can be set for the buttons. White Glass frame are available for this model.