2 -Channels 300W Dimmer KNX- LC-DMB02-TP

  • KNX dimmer-actuator for switching and dimming of lighting devices.
  • 2-Fold 2 x 300 W Max
  • Mounting in distribution board on EN 60715 rail (4 modular units, each 18 mm).
  • To be used in KNX installations for home and building automation.

Data Sheet

Light Control – Dimmer Actuator KNX (RLC, LED, CFL), 2 channels, capable to supply up to 300 W at 230 VAC on each of two available lines. The dimming curves are configurable with ETS according to the type of light source used. The front panel has manual controls for adjustment of the outputs.

This new dimmer device suitable for all types of 230VAC lamp, capable of producing low brightness also in fluorescent lamps or LED lamps with standard E27 connectors, without any unwanted buzzing or flashes.

Light Control stabilizes the brightness of energy-saving sources and solves side effects like buzzing, blinking, instability in operation